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We’re so glad you made it here. This community we’ve created is one where simply ‘being’ is the aim. It’s a world where fantasy can inspire imagination or become a place of solace; where the unusual, wild and weird welcomes intrigue and sparks wonder. When we’re together as unique Beings, we can embrace the complex range of what it means to be human and —with hope — what it is to belong.

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What is NFT Beings?

NFT Beings is a wonderful world of beings whom are born as unique paintings done with acrylic ink on paper. These characters then get digitized as standalone collections, creating one-of-a-kind NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. 


Hi! I’m Katie Green - the creator. For as long as I can remember I’ve viewed painting as an invitation to explore new realms within myself. It’s why I felt compelled to digitize these ethereal creatures as standalone collections within this NFT space. NFT Beings is an extension of my practice and a brand new adventure - so thanks for joining along! 

The process for each Being begins as a distinct painting done with acrylic ink on paper. I relinquish reference as my brush touches down, allowing the ink to bleed organically into form. As I create, I am in a state of discovery and response, processing and imprinting my own experiences of discomfort, pleasure, pain, grief, and joy through these visual character personifications. 

These paintings have become seeds for new creative expressions, like large scale mural installations and mask-making. Both of these mediums have allowed me to learn, grow, and share my art around the world—From Canada to Nepal, the United States, and Taiwan! NFT Beings holds even deeper meaning for me as its sole purpose is to form connections through the creation and sharing of artwork that's inherently personal. NFT Beings invites all Beings (that’s you!) into a welcoming space to explore what it means to f e e l, together.



From concept to creation, the motivation behind NFT Beings is to initiate a unique and intentional exchange that taps into the individual, relational, and social complexities that we as all human Beings feel and experience.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our world!

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