New East Village art installation tells local stories through touching and yes, slightly creepy images.


The new public art on the bridge abutments, sheds and public washrooms in East Village is drawing a lot of attention. The images are moving and/or creepy (depending on who you ask) and tell an important local story. 

The project, called BRIDGE, was commissioned by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) and conceptualized and implemented by Calgary artist Katie Green

BRIDGE explores the notion of “self” and is intended to empower locals to share their stories. The images are of 13 participants from the East Village community, many of whom don’t necessarily feel seen in the community, including Calgary’s Drop-In and Rehabilitation Centre, Calgary Family Services, the Salvation Army, local residents and seniors, the National Music Centre and the Central Library. Artist Katie hosted three workshops earlier this year, where participants translated their personal stories into art by creating masks that reflected their individuality and how they wish to be seen. Participants then donned their masks in front of the camera, enlivening their alter egos with breath, movement and speech. The portraits were shot in the East Village.

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