Character Portraits

These whimsical portrait-style personifications are meant to be emotionally visceral reflections of a gritty and unapologetic exploration into the complexity of the human experience. My painting technique relinquishes reference and alternatively focuses on personal intuition, impulse, and expression without judgment. This process of creative discovery and extraction has translated into visual characters and scenes that communicate my own internal experiences of discomfort, sexuality, pleasure, pain, grief, fear, and joy. I have used these soul searching watercolours as inspirations to generate concepts for large-scale mural installations, prototyping the fabrication of masks and puppets, and to facilitate intimate community-based workshops that explore individual, relational, and social complexities through the design and fabrication of persona masks.


All paintings are done with acrylic ink on paper and vary in size from 4 x 6 inches to 6 x 9 inches









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