Commissioned by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Located on bridge abutments, sheds and public washrooms along RiverWalk, the artwork – entitled Bridge – is truly a representation of the East Village community, celebrating the people most connected to it, their stories, and the neighbourhood landscapes in which they unfold.

Katie spent countless hours meeting with residents, visitors to the area, businesses, service providers and community organizations, such as the Calgary Drop-In Centre, the Calgary Public Library, The Salvation Army, Calgary Family Services and many more. After numerous East Villagers raised their hands to get involved, they were engaged in a series of mask-making workshops facilitated with art therapist and project photographer, Chelsea Call. Each participant was then photographed wearing their masks in East Village spaces in relation to their story. 

Katie’s work demonstrates how masks can be a conduit for building community, healing wounds, articulating humanity, and expressing empowerment. She invites us to ask questions such as, “how do I want to be seen?” and “how does my inner self relate to the outside world?” By designing and wearing a mask, individuals present society with an internal, alternate or imagined part of themselves. Katie uses the mask as tool to create a safe space - both expressive and anonymous - to share oneself with the world.







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