Inner Sanctuary

Commissioned by Meow Wolf
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mixed media installation including materials such as acrylic, wood, foam, and cement.

In 2019 I got to do this dream project for the incredible Meow Wolf transforming this empty water tank into an immersive installation that included sculpture, sound engineering, light and mural design.

I had the opportunity to work with some incredible Meow Wolf artists who helped me bring this piece to life. Sound engineer Meason Wiley designed and installed kinetic objects on the outside of the metal tank that were digitally programmed to create different sequences adding to the overall environment of the piece.

When you sit in this space, reality suspends and you're taken into a different world. Light moves and sound spontaneously travels throughout the space as you imagine the painted characters interacting and coming to life. I love creating immersive spaces like these that take murals beyond the wall.

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