Youth Legacy Mural

In partnership with Wee Wild Ones, this mural is inspired by young artists across YYC. Imagined by children's monster and creature submissions around Calgary, we selected various artworks and I re-created them into watercolour paintings. What initially began as a collection of children’s art, has now been thoughtfully placed and paired with flora and fauna design into a beautiful mural that remains on the Wee Wild Ones centre in the community of Currie for years to come! 

We called out to young artists around YYC to dream-up monsters for a chance to have their imagined artwork recreated in the mural. In their monster creature submissions, the children behind the art included a story about their monsters. The stories of each monster began as a way to explore character development, while also using creative practice as a way for them to understand their own feelings and emotions. Thus, the making of the monsters can be seen as an expansion of their creativity and an extension of themselves. Here is one of the monsters behind the mural :)

Take a peek through the rest of the monster paintings inspired by the little ones!



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