Inside Tiny Worlds

Commissioned by Up Here Mural Festival
Sudbury, Ontario
Acrylic, wheatpaste on plaster



“Katie’s painting process is intuitive and improvisational. Whether working on canvas or paper, water is the fluid carrier of the images that emerge. Paintings start with drops that bleed into a set of eyes, the shape of a face or perhaps the posturing of a shoulder. For Katie, the process of painting is one of searching as she waits for something or someone to emerge. Katie’s imagery creates opportunities for audiences to feel into our vast emotions. The scenes she creates therefore contain paradox and contradiction; they are simultaneously playful and awkward, eery and comforting, timid and exuberant.

Within “Inside Tiny Worlds” characters gaze curiously at each other and at an audience who gazes back at them. In paused moments of watchful looking, beings, shapes, and interactions continue to reveal themselves. For a moment, we are suspended together inside an ethereal world, where characters guide our encounters with self, others, and magical realms.” - Up Here Festival